The goal of HEPGAME is to solve significantly larger problems in High Energy Physics. HEPGAME combines insights from theoretical physics with artificial intelligence, in particular, stochastic, non-heuristic, algorithms that recently caused a breakthrough in combinatorial games. The name simply combines High Energy Physics and Games.

If there is one thing that finding the Higgs has proven, it is that experiments are getting better and better. As the precision of High Energy Physics experiments increases, theory has to keep up. The precision of predictions from High Energy Physics equations has to improve. This typically involves large and complicated problem sets. FORM is a computer algebra system designed for high performance, able to solve very large physics systems, taking over some of the tedious manual labor of manipulating expressions by solving them automatically. The goal of HEPGAME is to improve the performance of FORM in a substantial way, by taking advantage of recent findings in game playing algorithms.


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